Double Fine Amnesia Fortnight Bundle is on Now

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Tim Schafer’s Double Fine runs a two week game jam that happens every year. The company stop work on all their projects, split up into small teams, and spend the next two weeks creating ¬†several brand new games. Amnesia Fortnights has spawned some of Double Fine’s greatest games such as Costume Quest.

This year, Tim Schafer is opening up Amnesia Fortnight to the public in support of Child’s Play charity. The devs at the company have pitched 23 ideas and are allowing buyers of the bundle to vote for four prototypes they want to see made. In return, buyers will receive prototypes of Costume Quest, Happy Song, and the four winning ideas as DRM free downloads and Steam keys. Additionally, the whole session will be live streamed for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Those who pay more than the average will also receive the prototype for Brazen. Check out the bundle here.

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