Assassin’s Creed III “Thanksgiving” Patch Detailed

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A patch for the latest entry in the Assassin’s series, Assassin’s Creed III is on its merry way to gamers. Aptly titled the “Thanksgiving” patch, this update will clear up the majority of glitches that still remain in the game. The game was (and still is for the time being) incredibly buggy, so this patch will offer some much needed respite to players from the issues that have plagued the game since release. Assassin’s Creed III puts players in the boots of Connor, half British and half Mohawk assassin as he hunts for vengeance across the free lands of America. The main issues being addressed are as follows, for singleplayer and multiplayer:

  • SP – Connor’s hood will now be up after the end of the game in Cities and Frontier (yay!)
  • SP – Reduced difficulty of some chases
  • SP – Fixed vari0us visual glitches
  • SP – Fixed player spawn points to reduce de-synch on spawn
  • SP – Fixed rare occurrences of glitches blocking Story and Side Mission progress
  • MP – Tweaked settings to improve player connections
  • MP – Tweaked some of the abilities and other gameplay elements
  • MP – Fixed issues with ranking system

This patch for Assassin’s Creed III is due out by the end of next week and is set to fix a number of outstanding problems the game has experienced even after the massive Day One Patch. You can find a much more detailed list of all changes here but be warned of Story spoilers. You can also check out our review for AC3 here.

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