Tim Schafer to host Ümloud!

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Seems like the Bay Area is gearing up for their biggest annual non-profit gaming fundraiser – Ümloud! – by announcing Tim Schafer as their Master of Ceremonies. Taking place at the San Francisco’s DNA Lounge on Thursday, December 6th, Ümloud! is benefiting Child’s Play which is a charity that targets gamers like us to help children’s hospitals around the globe. The night is to be full of Rock Band 3 dueling performances in charitable fun.

Tim Schafer, president of Double Fine Productions, had the following to offer about the event:

Everyone knows gamers have big hearts—and that’s not just because of the sedentary lives many of us live. It’s because we understand the value of community, of giving back, and Ümloud! is the perfect way to have a rockin’ evening while supporting Child Play’s noble efforts in taking care of the next generation of gamers.

Known well for a few of his endeavors such as Psychonauts, Brütal Legend, and Grim Fandango, Tim is sure to embody fun into the charity event and rock some socks off. To order advanced tickets to the show or to actively submit your band into the fundraiser, go to the Ümloud! site (here).

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