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Mario Golf Swings onto the eShop

This week’s Nintendo downloads are bringing Mario back in all of his Game Boy golfing glory. The Game Boy Color classic Mario Golf has been added to the eShop at $4.99, which all of you can now purchase with your digital fundage.

Next up comes another offbeat puzzler by the name of Nurikabe by Nikoli for $4.99, a hoppy little platformer – Crazy Kangaroo, which is priced at $3.99, and the strategic Robot Rescue 2 for the DSiWare at just $1.99. Lord of the Rings fans can also get their fix this week, as LEGO Lord of the Rings now has a demo up, so everyone can try out what is sure to be another charming LEGO romp.

For Wii owners, The Last Blade 2 has released as well, which is a port of an arcade fighter that anime and general fans of the genre are sure to love for 900 Nintendo spacebucks.

So what are you picking up this week?