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Yaiba turns into Ninja Gaiden Z at TGS

You remember the game called Yaiba that we learned about last week? Well it turns out that that wasn’t the full name of the title. Keiji Inafune announced today during Tecmo Koei’s Tokyo Game Show event that the full game is actually called Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z. Are your minds blown yet?

When Inafune described the project he said that it was a “dream come true” and something he’s wanted to do since leaving Capcom. Tecmo Koei already stated they are teaming up with western developer Spark to make the title. As for that Yaiba name? Well it is the name of the new protagonist in Ninja Gaiden Z which is out to kill Ryu Hayabusa. You can check out the trailer below to see just how over the top this Ninja Gaiden will be, with robots, zombies and more.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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