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Xbox Launches 2-Way TV

The time has come for children in Australia to become a part of a new educational gaming environment known as Xbox’s “2-Way TV”. Do you remember watching Sesame Street when you were growing up or raising your children? Well, Microsoft has joined forces with Sesame Street and National Geographic in creating the first two titles for the Kinect.

How does it work? Let’s take Sesame Street TV for an example. By taking the normal lessons or skills provided from a normal show, developers of Kinect Sesame Street TV offer the interaction that children desire when watching the show. Sure, shows through your network provider offer “pauses” for a child to interact, but the Kinect sensor requires a participant to actively engage in the show.

Kinect Nat Geo TV and Kinect Sesame Street TV were previewed at an event in Sydney, Australia on September 19 presenting the cutting edge technology to parents and children. Ben Britton – face of Nat Geo WILD Australia and New Zealand – was able to help launch the event and spoke to the attendants about the importance of preserving nature. He offered the following quote:

I’m really excited to help launch ‘Kinect Nat Geo TV’ in Australia and to inspire a sense of wonder about nature in kids. It’s a unique experience when technology connects us to nature in this way. With ‘Kinect Nat Geo TV’, kids can get up close and personal with creatures great and small, and come to grasp basic concepts about our natural world.

Kinect Nat Geo TV and Kinect Sesame Street TV are both now available in stores. See pricing and video below:


 $29.99 (2400 MSP) for 8 / 30 minute episodes.
$4.99 (400 MSP) per episode.

– Both shows are priced the same –

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