SALE: Pandaren Monk Pet 50% OFF

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Mists of Pandaria will soon be released on September 25, and how better to celebrate the release than to discount a World of Warcraft pet? The Pandaren Monk pet is discounted to $5 for this week only (savings ending on September 17th, 2012). The bonus effect of having this pet out in your travels is that the Pandaren Monk will actually bow to any person that bows to him in game – crafty devil.

For those that have noticed this cute little panda before, the Pandaren Monk pet was able to generate over $1,100,000 to the Make-A-Wish foundation in 2009. During that period of time the pet was priced at $10, and plenty of World of Warcraft players made a generous donation.

To join in on the Mists of Pandaria fun, purchase the Pandaren Monk pet (here).

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