Reverb partnering for Edge of Space

PC Platformer

Reverb Publishing has just announced a partnership with Handyman Studios for a 2D sandbox title named “Edge of Space”. Edge of Space will test player’s abilities to build, mold, create all sorts of objects in order to make a planet manageable to survive. And even sometimes it is best to bring a mech warrior along for the ride!

Jake Crane, founder and CEO of Handyman Studios, offers the following:

Handyman Studios is thrilled to be working on our dream project of melding the vast reaches of outer space with terraforming, survival, and sandbox exploration. Teaming up with Reverb on realizing our fantasies of cybernetically-enhanced laser sharks in space is definitely awesome.

Cybernetically-enhanced laser sharks? The guys at Handyman Studios really thought out of the box for that one. Or simply watched Austin Powers and borrowed Dr. Evil’s idea. Still, the game seems to show a lot of innovative ideas to create and terraform a new world. Check out the game for yourself at Steam’s (Greenlight Section) and give Edge of Space your stamp of approval.

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