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Jam Live Music Arcade sees some New DLC

Zivix promised that their music making/jamout title Jam Live Music Arcade would be getting some DLC, and that promise was delivered as a few new tracks have hit the PSN and Xbox Live Arcade as of today. Players can now download Rise Against‘s “Savior” (160 MS Points/$1.99 PSN), “I Love To Loop” by Heatbox (80 MS Points/$.99 PSN), and “Overdrive” by Jaytech (160 MS Points/$1.99 PSN).

As we have stated before in our own review, Jam Live is a fantastic title with a lot going for it, and should not be overlooked by anyone with a musical itch to scratch. At under $5 for all of these tracks, there is no better time to give this music building romp a second look.