Godzilla vs Ninja Turtles: May 16, 2014

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Godzilla and Ninja Turtles are going to have a showdown at the box office!

Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures have revealed a release date for their approach at the Godzilla franchise: May 16, 2014. Fellow pop culture fans may also recognize this as the release date set for another popular franchise that is getting a new take on things by Paramount Pictures: Ninja Turtles.

With Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures challenging Paramount Pictures in a battle for ticket sales, it can make one wonder if Ninja Turtles will move or stand its ground after the last release date change.

While it seems like smooth sailing so far for Godzilla, it’s been a struggle for Ninja Turtles. Firstly there was controversy over the the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles no longer being teenager or mutants but rather aliens, then the film was postponed by 10 weeks due to writing. Now with Godzilla launching on the same date, things aren’t looking to good for the shelled warriors.

Will Godzilla be king of the box office? Guess we’ll have to wait until May 16, 2014!

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