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Want more ZombiU? In the Eye of will Provide!

Ubisoft have just kicked off a four part making of series for the up and coming ZombiU- pleasingly titled ‘In the Eye of”.  The first episode is titled “When survival horror meets the Wii U’ and features the game’s Senior Producer giving a brief rundown about some of the decisions behind the games core horror concepts, as well as the influence of the Wii U game pad on the title. Day Z fans can determine for themselves how much of an influence that particular mod has had….

The next episode will focus on the plot of the game, and would be fans are being invited to submit their own questions for the development team via the ZombiU Facebook page. The first episode is worth checking out for a few more glimpses of the gameplay alone, so make sure and spend a few minutes of your life basking in the zombie goodness.

The Wii U exclusive does not have a confirmed release date, but can be safely expected to release alongside the console.

Claire Phillips
Claire Phillips
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