Digimon Masters Is Now 1 Years Old


Players of the Digimon Masters MMORPG will be enthused to know that the game has only just turned one year old. As an MMORPG, the first year is often a turbulent time. What this means is that often a game will start with a high playerbase and then it will steadily drop players until it becomes unfeasible to run. Fortunately it seems that the game survived this first year and has therefore avoided the fate of many other games.

On the birthday, Joymax had this to say –

“It’s always a special moment when one of our games hits its anniversary,” said Nam-Chul Kim, CEO of Joymax,  “It reminds us of how we started off and how the game has lasted this long through the love and interest from our players.”

To celebrate the games success so far, there are plans to have eight different events go up for players to participate in. The event has players collecting some digital cake and working towards earning rare DigiEggs. Players will also notice a 30% increase in speed during the duration of the event.

Be sure to check out the official site for more info.

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