Borderlands 2 Come and Get Me Trailer

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People of Pandora, hansom Jack is here to give you a run down on the latest Borderlands 2 trailer entitled:  Come and Get Me.  Hansom Jack takes you on a little journey and provides you with a brief explanation of the new vault hunters that have turned up to cause mayhem and chaos in peaceful Pandora.  We see the grizzled Commando who can control the battlefield with his turrets, then we have the rage filled Gunzerker who pretty much loves to kill and maim anything in his path with his beloved guns.  We certainly cannot forget about the mystical Siren who can harness the power of all four elements to cause havoc and destruction, and lets not forget about the deadly Assassin, who you know, well likes to assassinate things then disappear and then kill more things with his deadly blades while he’s invisible.

That pretty much in a nutshell sums up the vault hunters, but make sure you check out the trailer below and see it all for yourselves, hansom Jack demands you to!

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