Hidden Ada Wong Campaign in Resident Evil 6

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Tech savvy users have discovered files in the Xbox 360 demo for Resident evil 6. The files seem to point to a 4th campaign staring  Resident Evil 6 villain Ada Wong.  Resident Evil 6 director did say that if players complete the campaigns for  Leon, Chris, and Jake that they would get a reward could the Ada Campaign be that reward?  Here are the files that people found.


seg000:000149F4 00000019 C arc\\X360\\MenuAdaResource
seg000:00014A40 0000001A C arc\\X360\\MenuJakeResource
seg000:00014A8C 0000001B C arc\\X360\\MenuChrisResource
seg000:00014AA8 0000001A C arc\\X360\\MenuLeonResource

seg000:00014EA4 0000001F C soft\\message\\mes_cutscene_tuto
seg000:00014EC4 0000001E C soft\\message\\mes_cutscene_ada
seg000:00014EE4 0000001F C soft\\message\\mes_cutscene_jake
seg000:00014F04 00000020 C soft\\message\\mes_cutscene_chris
seg000:00014F24 0000001F C soft\\message\\mes_cutscene_leon

seg000:000089F0 00000011 C ADA_MOTION_SPEED
seg000:00008A04 0000000E C ADA_POS_HOKAN
seg000:00008A14 00000011 C ADA_MOTION_HOKAN


What do you think about the files , do you think there will be an Ada Campaign?


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