See Dishonored’s E3 gameplay for yourself

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Nearly all of the gaming community is unable to attend E3 each year and usually the best they can hope for is to read about various snippets of gameplay footage us journalists were shown during the event. Now while you can still go and read our E3 preview of Dishonored here, Bethesda has chosen to release both their stealthy and aggressive Dishonored playthroughs below.

In these videos you can either watch the main character stealthily infiltrate the bath house and take out his targets without being noticed by the guards or try and kill everyone in sight in a giant massacre. Then again, it seems that playing stealthily seems not only more effective, but much more badass. It is also worth noting that the first video, the stealth playthrough, goes over a number of abilities that will be in the game while the second video is less informative.

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