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New Super Mario Bros. 2 will have Co-op; One Million Coins

Nintendo have a big task this year in releasing two New Super Mario Bros. titles, and making them feel completely different from one another. In a new Iwata asks, all of this was detailed by Takashi Tezuka. You see, New Super Mario Bros. 2 is a completely different game than the Wii U version, as the main concept is to clear the levels in standard form, but to collect one million coins in the process. Most of the time, we have seen Mario titles where coins are just collected for extra lives, but this makes owners feel the need to grab every cent as they progress.

A new mode by the name of Coin Rush has also been added. This mode is a tough one though, and has one player compete in three courses that are chosen at random and if they get hit even once, it’s game over. If that wasn’t enough, two owners of the game can play co-op, and go throughout the entire world together, using teamwork to beat the game effectively. It’s all pretty awesome and I salute Nintendo for doing something a bit different, even though some could say that New Super Mario Bros. 2 looks so much like the first. That however is just a myth, and you can get in on the coin-collecting for yourself when it hits on August 19th. For now, check out the new interview that explains everything down below.