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Memory card removed from Assassin’s Creed Liberation Vita Bundle after price drop

As the title suggests Sony has removed the 4GB memory card from the AC Liberation Vita bundle. The official Playstation US website is now listing that the bundle will be coming with a copy of Liberation, and the white Wi-Fi onlyPS Vita .  However the price is no longer $299.99. The bundle is now priced at at $249.99. A 4GB memory card of course retail for $19.99. So there is still money to be saved, but the bundle should still include a memory card so that people can save their games.

When the bundle was announced back at E3  I felt that it should come with an 8GB memory card, but 4 was good. Sony at least has dropped the price $50 instead of keeping it at the same price. What do you think about Sony taking out the 4GB memory card?

Evan Brander-Jones
Evan Brander-Jones
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