E3 Trailer: The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

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It may not be releasing until September, but the Testament of Sherlock Holmes wants to make an impression now. An E3 trailer has just been released for the latest game in the Sherlock series, and it’s certainly a bit if an unusual one. Give it a few seconds and some distinctly un-Victorian-London music kicks in, with a bit of unintentional rapping going on as well. That slight oddness in tone aside, the game is looking pretty impressive. An open world Sherlock adventure on HD platforms is perhaps a bit of a tough sell, but hopefully the motion capture tech and new engine can create an impressive story, and more crucially, be backed up by some strong gameplay mechanics.

Like every other trailer released for the game so far, this one is setting up a dark world for Holmes and Watson to negotiate through; we already know that Holmes has possibly been up to no good, but where does that tombstone fit into things? Dead bodies, blood and opium dens all rear their heads, with multiple murders to solve and a sinister conspiracy to unearth. Another L.A Noire success story? September will reveal all.

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