Dance Central 3 will teach you how to Dougie

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We all seen it coming, as the music genre loves hitting repeat. Harmonix brought about Dance Central 3 during Microsoft’s big press conference, displaying the new tracks that players can expect to see. We heard a bit of hip hop, a good amount of pop, and the usual fare, but this time around it seems Harmonix struck an endorsement deal with Usher, as he was also in attendance to promote his likeness (as an on-stage choreographer) and tracks for the game.

A three minute performance followed, which was a bit out of place for the event, but at least Dance Central fans have something to look forward to. I do wish they would have shown a bit more of the actual product though, as the entire concert seemed to promote nothing and no one other than Usher and his new single. Expect Dance Central 3 out this fall – along with Usher’s many endorsements. Check out the new trailer and song from the event down below.

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