Battlefield 3 Double XP Weekend is as this Weekend

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Electronic Arts Games have revealed that this upcoming weekend is in fact a special weekend, for Battlefield 3 players that is. This particular special weekend is in fact, Battlefield 3 Double XP Weekend.

This means that this coming weekend, players who just so happen to be online playing in Battlefield 3’s critically acclaimed multiplayer shooting experience, will receive not just the standard amount of experience points, but double that standard amount of experience points. This is certainly something that fans of this particular shooting experience will be excited about as it will allow them to level up the character at a more brisk pace.

The Battlefield 3 Double XP Weekend begins Saturday, June 16 at 5:01PM AEST and concludes Monday, June 18 at 4:59PM AEST. Be excited about this once in a couple months experience. Leave a comment below about how ‘pumped’ you are for the chance to get more experience points than usual.

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