Square Enix and Bigpoint Unveil Gameglobe

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Square Enix and Bigpoint have been working together to bring a new online game platform to players in Europe and North America.  Made by Square Enix group devloper hapti.co and to be distributed by Bigpoint, Gameglobe is a game platform for players to be able to build their own levels and worlds in addition to playing those of other players.

Designed to be a free-to-play adventure center, Gameglobe leaves it to the players to make a worthwhile experience, by providing the tools to make game worlds with console quality HD graphics and easy accessibility for all.  This can certainly provide a way for players to get a better idea of just how much work goes into designing a game, even if most of the tools are provided already.  While currently only in a closed beta, it will be opening up to more players in the next few months, so players that are interested can sign up for the beta right now at the Gameglobe website HERE.

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