Spectator Mode – League of Legends

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Riot Games is pleased to announce the full release of their Spectator Mode for League of Legends. Since the latest patch, players are now able to drop in and watch a variety of matches. Utilizing a Directed Camera and Timeshift Controls, summoners can easily navigate and replay time specific battles with ease.

Perhaps the main priorities of using Spectator Mode would be to watch top tiered teams and adjust playing styles to either mimic or work against other players. By browsing the “Featured Games” section of the PvP.net client, you will be able to view these top matches and spectate them while the match is in progress. However, there is a mandated three minute delay for those viewing new matches – can’t have outside help now! And interestingly enough there is not a limit to the amount of spectators in a given match. Watch the trailer below for visuals and more information on this newly administered mode.

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