Natsume teases new release over Twitter; signs point to Rune Factory or Harvest Moon

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Over the past few days this weekend Natsume has been teasing their Twitter followers with quite a few hints, saying that they would be revealing a brand new title for North America to their Twitter followers first. So far six hints have been released and can be seen below.

  • Hint 1: The announcement contains a “celebration”
  • Hint 2: The announcement will relate to a series…
  • Hint 3: The announcement will relate to a series…in which there are at least 3 previous entries…
  • Hint 4: The announcement will relate to a series…in which there are at least 3 previous entries…that Natsume published in North America
  • Hint 5: C____m_______ __ K___
  • Hint 6: C_s__m_z____n i_ Ki__

Ironically, another hint which hasn’t been revealed is the fact that, unless Natsume in North America is announcing a brand new game in one of their franchises before it is revealed in Japan, there are actually only two titles coming out that Natsume could be bringing over to English audiences. That is Harvest Moon: Land of Beginning and Rune Factory 4, both of which are part of series which have been published multiple times.

Some people are currently guessing that the last hint states, Customization is King. This also points fingers directly at these two games as the most recent Harvest Moon title has the most customization ever found in a Harvest Moon game and Rune Factory 4 allows players to customize their land as well. It appears we will have to wait for the moment for more clues however, and expect some announcement within the next few days.

After playing games since a young age and getting into anime a bit later on its been time to write about a little bit of everything.

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