Indie Face Kick Bundle Released

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Prepare to get your face kicked in with awesome! Indie Face Kick Bundle is the latest addition to an amazing month for indie game fans looking for a good deal. The Indie Face Kick Bundle boasts five never seen in a bundle before games and the début of Tompi Jones. Indie Face Kick follows the usual pay what you want scheme set out by Humble Bundle. Buyers name their own price and take home Tompi Jones, an old school platformer in 3d; Arkhelom 3D, a 3d shoot em up game; and Alien Hallway, a top down shooter. In addition, buyers will receive three full music albums with their purchase. Pay more than the current minimum of five dollars and take home the jaw dropping FPS Depth Hunter and the fresh off the press sequel to Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded, Alien Shooter 2 Conscription. Pay more than $15 for the bundle and your name will be added to the credits for Tompi Jones. The top donor for the Indie Face Kick bundle will be able to name either a level or a boss in Tompi Jones and get 10 additional copies of the game to share with their friends.


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