Episode 4 of Playing Dead Released

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The Walking Dead has become quite a big phenomenon, from comics, to TV, to games, to online talk shows.  Speaking of which, the online talk show “Playing Dead” has just released its 4th episode and it has some nice gooey giblets of information as they talk to two of the designers of the game series, Sean Vanaman and Jake Rodkin.

The video is posted below, but as fair warning it does cover some spoiler material for The Walking Dead Episode 1, but they also cover some hints at what Episode 2 will have to offer.  Episode 1: A New Day was released to a solid success of 1 million downloads in 2 weeks, so hopefully Episode 2: Starved for Help! can keep up the pace.  Each episode is priced at 400 MS points on Xbox LIVE, $4.99 per episode on PSN or the season pass at $19.99, or on PC and Mac the whole season for $24.99 at Telltale Games’ website HERE, so check them out if you haven’t already.  If you still aren’t sure, you can see Capsule Computer’s review of The Walking Dead: A New Day HERE.

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