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Com2uS Release Glory Of Sparta For iOS

Com2uS’ latest iOS title allows you to play for country, honour and the Glory of Sparta! Glory of Sparta is a challenging new dense style title that allows you to play as a Spartan hero. Play as Agesilaus, Gylippus, Brasidas or Pausanias. Each hero has their own range of 12 active and 4 passive skills, which can be utilised to defeat swarms of 30 Persian enemy types. The game has a RPG-style leveling system, allowing you to build up the strongest defense force possible.

Having proved their mastery of the tower defense genre with Tower Defense: Lost Earth, we can expect good things from Glory of Sparta! With fun graphics and a smooth interface, the game looks fantastic. Not to mention the introduction of RPG elements to personalise your gaming experience. Best of all, it is out now for free! Just click here to download you very own copy.

Kyle Moore
Kyle Moore
I am a current media student with a focus on video game research.