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Champion Sneak Peek – Draven

Just as we welcomed the infamous Noxian battlerager Darius, League of Legends opens its gates to his blood-thirsty brother. Riot offers a quick sneak peek for onlookers as Darius’s brother Draven makes his way to the Fields of Justice with dual cleavers. At first glance, Draven seems to be veering a little to close to crazy. Must be that Noxian pride shining through!

If you would like to flaunt your Noxian pride as well, you can find “The Blood Brothers” wallpaper (here) featuring the above image. For additional information about Draven, stayed tuned for the next League of Legends article “A new champion approaches… Draven”. To catch a glimpse of Draven’s art spotlight, take a gander below to see the creative development of blood dripping insanity.

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