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Two Worlds 2 Getting Free DLC

Fans of Two Worlds 2 will be pleased to hear that Topware Interactive is releasing free DLC this Easter weekend.  This DLC will add a defense multiplier mode and 5 new maps.  This defense mode involves teaming up to defeat waves of enemies to finally defeat Gandohar, the villain from the campaign.  So players will have to focus on teamwork and utilizing all their skills.

What’s more the fans are the main reason the DLC was made as there was a lot of interest in remaking the old Castle Defense-style gameplay for Two Worlds 2.  Listening to all the feedback, Topware Interactive designed this DLC just for them.  It’s great seeing developers seriously looking at their fans interests and comments.  It’s even better when it leads to something free for the fans to enjoy too.  If you’re one of the fans that helped craft this DLC or if you’re just a fan of the game in general be sure to check it out.

Simon Wolfe
Simon Wolfe
Bachelor of Science in Game and Simulation Programming