The Art of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Greg Foertsch talking… ART

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Join XCOM Enemy Unknowns Art Director Greg Foertsch as he talks about the importance of character design and Art in relation to creating a truly immersive experience for the player as well as maintaining the mood, tension and characteristics of the reimagined franchise. For those of you who dont know, the X-COM franchise which began in 1993 was developed and published by Mythos and Microprose Games and spawned 5 successors and many knock offs along the way. Thankfully 2KGames and Fireaxis are bringing the franchise back to life and XCOM: Enemy Unknown looks to be sticking true to its strategic turn based roots seen in the first instalment in 1993. Greg Foertsch gives the viwers of 2KTV an insight into how the team created the look of game as well as the characters whihch he interstingly contracts to Action figures. Take a look and keep and eye out for more XCOM interviews and information.

To visit the official XCOM site goto and then choose between the 2 titles.

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