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Nintendo reports $534.9 million loss during 2011 fiscal year

It isn’t much of a stretch to believe that Nintendo actually lost money last year after it was revealed that every 3DS unit sold after the price cut was costing Nintendo money. However it is still surprising that Nintendo in fact was able to to lose so much money last year. Nintendo revealed their fiscal year earnings which ended on March 31, 2012 and the report is quite bad for the longstanding video game company.

Nintendo has reported that they only had ¥647 billion in earnings, which may sound like a lot but is in fact ¥12.3 billion than they previously expected. In the end the company lost 43.204 billion yen last year, which is estimated at $461.2 million. Nintendo is looking to boost their sales this next fiscal year through the release of New Super Mario Bros. 2, 3DS Animal Crossing, Brain Age 3D and the Wii U as well as reduce the cost of producing the 3DS.

Source: Nintendo Fiscal Report

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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