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Lagoonia Adds Egg Hunt for Easter

InnoGames is getting into the Easter season for their game Lagoonia.  What are they up to?  Hidden across the islands in game are different colored eggs for the player to collect.  These eggs can be anywhere from the beach, to the jungle, to rocks, to the ship wreck on the island.  But, players will only be able to find eggs until the 11th, so they should hop to it.

But, InnoGames isn’t just having eggs lying around just so players can find them.  Because of Lagoonia‘s focus on relationships between characters and players, eggs can be used as resources to build special Easter buildings based on the color of the egg.  While the finished Easter buildings will stay as long as players like, unused eggs and unfinished buildings will disappear after April 18th.  So, get hunting and get cracking!

Simon Wolfe
Simon Wolfe
Bachelor of Science in Game and Simulation Programming