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New Dirt Showdown Boost to Win video released plus Special edition announced for Australian and New Zealand residents

And so the Dirt Phenomena continues with Codemasters release of their new trailer Boost to Win, showcasing some gameplay from the upcoming extension to the Dirt family, the aptly named Dirt Showdown. We have already seen some footage from the game and from the latest video its clear that morals and ethics are thrown out the window as players are encouraged to destroy the oppostion and do anything in order to beat off the competition. The environments and terrains are wide, varied and brutal and from snow to dust players will have to manipulate their way through pin point turns, over jumps and through barrrels on the road to victory. Just to reiterate the 3 main events included in Showdown are Domination, where players have to set the fastest sector times throughout the track, Eliminator, which is stock standard dropping of the last car at certain points and Face Off, which is an all out manic race where anything goes. Another totally new addition is the inclusion of a nitrous boost system which adds a new element to the Dirt experience.

Showdown has a emphasis on the online component of the game, being what Codemasters describe as their most “connected” game ever, featuring split screen multiplayer action, 8 player online races as well as quick fire party games and Youtube integration.


a special for all those Australian and NZ residents, as Codemasters have announced the HOONIGANS edition featuring all the content of the stadard edition plus bonus MONSTER and HOONIGAN liveries as well as a Head Start Pack, chock full of goodies.

Dirt Showdown edition will be available May 2012 for the XBox 360, PS3 and PC, and the Hoonigan edition which is only available to Australian and NZ residents will only be on sale for a limited period of time for $79.95AUD and $99.95 for New Zealand residents.

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