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Diablo III Alternative – Drakensang Online

With Diablo 3’s release nearing, developer Bigpoint would like present an admittedly biased feature comparison for their free-to-play MMORPG Drakensang Online. Blizzard has created a well-known franchise with the Diablo series and expects a large volume of consumers for the upcoming title. On the other hand, Drakensang Online has been available for merely 8 months and has attained over five millions users. So here is the comparison breakdown:

While Drakensang Online is yet in its open beta, the browser-based title has garnered a lot of attention and resembles Diablo 3 gameplay far too well. Blizzard, you just won yourself a new rival! Play Drakensang Online today for FREE to see the ridiculous similarities.

Joshua Moris
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