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Phantasy Star Online 2 will be Free to Play

Here is some awesome news for all of you PSO fans. Phantasy Star Online 2, which will launch later this spring for the PC, has now been given the free to play treatment. After years of monthly fees, this will mark a first for the franchise that truly started the console MMO, but those expecting a free ride completely might want to open their wallets a bit, as an “item transaction system” will be utilized to rid the game of it’s monthly fees and assist in keeping the servers open.

PSO2 will also be seeing a release on the iOS and Android, which will be smaller but more social versions of the main game, and is expected to launch this fall. Vita owners still have the longest wait, with a 2013 release date listed for Sony’s latest handheld. Thankfully, that time should be made up entirely with the PC/Vita cross platform play that both releases will offer.