Game-Insight announcement trailer for The Tribez on iOS systems

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For all iOS owners, theres a cool free to play game coming your way, as Game Insight, a leading publisher of mobile and social games and Apps has announced the upcoming release of The Tribez. The game will be a colourful and fast paced experience as players take on the role of a hapless Time Traveller who apparently is the prophesised saviour of a group of tribesmen. Worshipped and revered by the tribesmen the traveller soon becomes leader and Chieftain in charge of the entire nation of villagers and their well being. The Tribez encourages players to embark on quests and collecting rare and useful items in an effort to build towns and cities and keep its inhabitants happy and fulfilled. With mulitple levels, quirky villagers and many dangerous and not to mention hungry dinosaurs on your heels, players will have to hone their trigger fingers as well as their strategic skills to conquer the enemy.

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