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Medaka Box OP and ED Details

It was previously announced that the latest Shonen Jump manga to be adapted into an anime series would be popular genre-hopping manga series Medaka Box. It has now been confirmed who will be performing the opening and ending themes of the new anime series.

The opening will be performed by Minami Kuribayashi who previously did the opening for Katanagatari, Gundam AGE and Infinite Stratos among many others. The ending theme will be handled by none other than the titular character Medaka Kurokami, meaning that her voice actor Aki Toyosaki, will be performing the ending song in character.

The Medaka Box anime series is set to premiere in the Spring 2012 anime series along side other Jump manga adaptation Kuroko no Basuke. Are you planning on watching Medaka Box upon it’s premiere? What do you think of these artist choices? Let us know in the shoutbox and comments section below.

Luke Halliday
Luke Halliday
Senior Editor & Anime Specialist