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With the PlayStation Vita now available around the world, most of you will be checking out the Playstation Store for Free downloadable titles.  If you live in the US or AU your PlayStation Vita will come with a pack of 6 Augmented Reality (AR) cards which can be used for a variety of different things.  Currently at the moment PlayStation have released three free Augmented Reality Games to download via the PlayStation Store.

They are :

Cliff Diving : Take the plunge with Diver Dan and your AR cards to build a series of high diving boards.  Perform elaborate dives and try to splashdown safely to earn prize money.

Fireworks : Light up the sky with a spectacular fireworks display.  Set off fireworks and perform some explosive combinations to earn special bonuses and work your way up the Fireworks leaderboard online.

Table Soccer : Use your AR cards to create your very own superstar soccer stadium and enjoy the beautiful game on any flat surface.  Challenge your friends via Ad Hoc Mode and compete in 1 on 1 games and tournaments.

Now none of this will be possible without these little 6 AR cards below.  As mentioned the cards will be included if you purchase your PS Vita in the US or AU, but if you’ve picked up your PS Vita from Japan, these cards will not be included.  So to solve this little problem, simply download the cards below and print it out on good quality white paper, cut them out and get back into the game.

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