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Capcom will replace Misprinted Revelations Cover

If you have been one of the many 3DS owners who have picked up Resident Evil: Revelations in the U.S., then you might have noticed that the game did indeed print with that dreaded typo. I personally don’t see a big deal with it, but case lovers cried foul and Capcom are looking to make up for their oversight with a bit of a fix.

Posting on a blog over at Capcom Unity, Gregaman offered this bit of news for the troubled owners of the misprinted box:

As you may well have heard by now, the title of Revelations is indeed misspelled on the spine of the game box (as “Revelaitons”). Unfortunately, the initial North American shipment of the game will reflect this error, but we just got confirmation that subsequent shipments of the title are being repackaged to have the correct spelling. Meanwhile, customers who have received the misspelled version can contact our Customer Service line at 650-350-6700 or by email at [email protected] and we’ll send you a new insert for your case. So yay!

Sounds like a winning idea to me. I for one am keeping my misprint in tow, as it adds a bit of a odd charm to the rather bland artwork featured in front (though that argument is for another day). If you are one of the picky, get to dialing or e-mailing and you will be able to get your insert in what one would presume a rather short time span.