The Amazing Spiderman Coming to Sydney?

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If you were down at the harbor the other day, just minding your own business around the Sydney Opera House, you may have seen this (prepare your ears for some serious wind noise!):

[pro-player width=’530′ height=’253′ type=’video’][/pro-player]

Yup. That is the new logo for ‘The Amazing Spiderman’, so what’s it doing on there? The click happy/eagle eyed among you will have noticed the web address that pops up at the end of the projection –

Want a chance to go see something potentially Amazing Spider Man related? Well  the first 150 people to send a simple e-mail will be invited to a ‘sneak peek’ of the ‘Untold Story’. Given that the posters for the new movie are awash with this kind of catchphrase it’s fairly safe to assume that there’s a bit of Amazing Spiderman footage somewhere in Sydney, all ready to go for a special screening on February 7. The film is still listed as in post production according to imdb, so exactly how much of the movie will be on show is anyone’s guess.

If you think it’s still worth a shot, click here, and if the lovely people of Supanova see fit, you might be lucky enough to see some of the brand new Spidey way before anyone else.

The film is released in Australia on July 4 2012.

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