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Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz First Trailer

Here’s a mildly terrifying fact for you -Super Monkey Ball has been around for over ten years! First debuting on the Nintendo Gamecube all the way back in 2001, SEGA’s primate franchise will be heading to the PS Vita for it’s latest entry in summer 2012.

Subtitled Banana Splitz, the game has just received it’s first trailer. There isn’t any actual gameplay on show here, just a quick look at all the familiar faces and some groundwork for the time travel set up.

The game will feature over 100 stages and comes compete with an online Wi-Fi enabled multiplayer mode. Creative types will be able to create their own levels using the Vita’s camera, with several control options available that take advantage of all the Vita’s input tech.

Check out the attached trailer below for your daily dose of monkey business.

Claire Phillips
Claire Phillips
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