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Charr Plush is Back

The extremely popular Guild Wars 2 plush is back in stock after being sold out for winter 2011. This 17 inch long lovable companion will be a lasting reminder of the trials and tribulations you have experienced in the original Guild Wars. If not it will at least catch your dripping saliva for the coming Guild Wars 2.

The Charr plush is available for purchase in North America through Penny Arcade and is available in Europe through NCsoft Merchandise. Here are the price conversions: £24.99 | €28.99 | $34.99.

Once you grab your plush, you should check out all the neat information about the game on the Guild Wars 2 Official Website. Take a look at the races and professions, and come up with an unique character combination that you would like to play. If you care to share your character ideas, feel free to do it in the comments below. My combination is rather boring but I have a secret love for forest dwellers (Sylvari) and being a ranger/thief.

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