Resident Evil: Revelations story trailer introduces a bunch of characters

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Those eager to see a bit more of Resident Evil: Revelations’ storyline or see some more of the new characters that are going to be introduced into the canon of the series will be happy to see that Capcom has released a trailer for the storyline of Resident Evil: Revelations. You can catch the video below and learn a little bit more about the story and see a number of new characters, including members of the BSAA.

These characters include Clive R. O’Brian, Jill and Chris’ commander, Morgan Lansdale head of the FBC and Raymond Vester who apparently will help Jill and Parker on the ship, but Capcom has not went into any detail about who he actually is. They will all be playable in Resident Evil: Revelations’ new Raid Mode as well.

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