MegaCubic gives away some free swag!

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MegaCubic Entertainment has been holding a Luck n’ Roll sweepstakes in celebration of the launch of their official website. The sweepstakes lasted for a month, and it is ending today. So you guys better get in quick before it finishes off, allowing participants to get a first look at MegaCubic’s game characters. Lucky winners will each receive a specially designed MegaCubic keychain, as well as six $10 iTunes gift cards to their Facebook fans, including the Luck n’ Roll participants.

The company released its first game, Foodie the Bug, in early December (see our article on it HERE). Other projects are in the works for MegaCubic, and are sure to be released soon and will probably be just as addictive as MegaCubic’s other games.

Check out the MegaCubic site HERE and enter the Luck n’ Roll sweepstakes HERE. And why not? I mean, who doesn’t love some free goodies?

BRB, playing games.