Cabals: The Card Game makes trading cards mobile

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Who doesn’t love trading cards? I know that when I was younger, I had a shoebox full of trading cards. But shoebox no more! No, for this years generation, we have iPhone apps, the newest being Cabals: The Card Game.

Cabals has a game board mechanic and is a cross-platformer with online multiplayer. Cabals is a two player game with both players using their own deck of cards with special units and abilities. Using your wit and tactical skills, you take on the opposing player and see who is the better player.

There are four different ‘cabals’; Danann Covenant, Bearclaw Brotherhood, Vril Society and Order of Zahir. Danann’s are jazz-age withces, Bearclaw are shamans who command the land, spirits and Slavic people, Vril’s are technological geniuses, and the Order of Zahir has a strong control over the art of alchemy.

The initial release includes 70 cards and 4 cabals, with a new 30 cards in an update. This will also be followed by an introduction of two more cabals.

Cabals is sure to be an immersive and rather interesting game, so it’s definitely something to take a look at.

Cabals: The Card Game is available NOW for FREE – get it on iPhone, iPad and iTouch
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