Bastion gets swag in Supergiant online store

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One this Summer of Arcade’s standouts was Bastion. The developers behind Bastion have now released a new online store with tons of goodies from the game available for purchase. So far, there is a sountrack, LE “Kid vs. Scumbag” print plus a bandana and T-Shirt.

There is also a Bastion Collector’s Bundle includes a lot of cool stuff based on the game. Check out the website for full details on all the awesome merch.

Supergiant also states that: “We’ve received a ton of requests for different kinds of items, so just because we’re not offering all that other stuff now doesn’t mean we’ll never do it. We design all our own merchandise, so we’d much rather release a smaller number of high quality items over time than try to do everything at once.”

Supergiant Games Online Store


  1. I’m buying it all.

  2. I’m buying it all.

  3. Very good idea sir!

  4. Very good idea sir!

  5. Picking this up now $5 is a bargain for a 10/10 game 😉

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