Amazon & Toys R Us have great deals on video games

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Running through December 10, Toys R Us is having a buy one get half off sale. In addition to video games, Nerf guns, action figures and Lego stuff will also be on sale at the big toy store.

Amazon is also having a buy one get half off sale on video games.

The Toys R Us deals are listed here, while the Amazon deals are linked here.

Will any of you be getting some great deals on toys or video games? Let us know what you buy in the comments below. I think I totally will be getting a Nerf Gun.


  1. Oh I put good use to the amazon gift card I got from my favorite gaming website (ps it’s CC).
    I took advantage of the sales and got 2 things on that list for less that the price I could normally get ONE.
    I do believe the person getting them as Christmas gifts will be quite happy with them too. (I’ll be sure to let you all know how it goes after he opens them).

    I love sales, I can get more gifts and still stay within the set spending limit. (Even when people fuss at me and say $20 gift cards don’t count as a “discount” and should count toward the limit.. Bah! I say! BAH!)

  2. Might have to go down to amazon to pick up modern warfare 3 then.

  3. So glad we could be of service ma’am. SALES ROCK!

  4. Oh yea, I have heard that is a popular one…. 😉

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