Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 Dance Featurette – now breathe!

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Ubisoft’s newly released Your Shape : Fitness Evolved 2012 (not quite a contender for most succinct game title of the year), has just got itself a little dance number. Featuring a woman who doesn’t sweat, but rather shines softly in a healthy glow, it showcases all the numerous dance styles that are to be found in the Kinect title.

If you’re up to a bit of a boogie, then you can take on hip hop, Bollywood and Latin styles, or do your thing to some African inspired beats. The dancing is just one part of the fitness package, which also offers up a Run the World mode (run through the streets of various famous cities) and some Zen workouts.

Who knows, perhaps with the help of this package, a few years, a beautiful minimalist house and some tight leggings, everyone can look this calm and collected when throwing some shapes.


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