WWE 12 Director responds to Glitches

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WWE 12
was released earlier this week on the 22nd and after 4 days, reports have been flooding the internet of a level of in game glitches not seen since the infamous Superman 64. With glitches that make the game near unplayable in most cases it was only a matter of time before fans took to twitter to adress WWE 12 director Cory Ledesma.

Ledesma has since responded to fan tweets urging WWE 12 players to make light of this unprecented level of bugs in a WWE video-game. Not only does his comments undermine the severity of the situation, but they also pass these troubling glitches off as being acceptable for a full priced retail release.

It only takes one look at youtube to see the severity of these glitches, while they may be humourous they also are damaging to the game itself. Some glitches encountered are characters sliding out of the entire area, getting weapons stuck inside of them and general rag-doll animation. But hey, if you ever wanted to see Rey Mysterio inside of another man, you can now thanks to WWE 12.

After all of these years there is literally no excuse for a game that is this glitchy. So Cory Ledesma, instead of “being cool about it” how about when it comes to WWE 13, you actually finish making the game before asking people to pay full retail price for it?

Special thanks to TheGamersFC for the John Morrison glitch video.

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  1. How in the world would these get past testing? They are hilarious though. The WCW ring made me quite sad though remember the good ol’ days.

  2. wth? bugs are bugs and they need to fix it. True that all games have bugs and glitches but that’s not an excuse to make light of it esp if it’s game breaking.

  3. They probably didn’t have testers, and if they did they’re probably going to get fired! lol

  4. It’s upsetting to hear he says ‘be cool about it’ rather than ‘we’re making an update to fix the issues’

    This game is the definition of cheap cash in!

  5. I wouldn’t call this a cheap cash in. I mean, they completely redid the way the game plays. Bugs are to be expected, no matter how miniscule or massive. So quit crying about it, they will get fixed.

  6. Maybe they just had brain damaged monkeys “testing” the game.

  7. That’s like buying a brand new car, finding out it wont start up, and the car dealership goes “just be cool about it, you can still push the car around, it’s fine.”

    :: facepalm ::

  8. There is no reason that that amount of game breaking glitches should be in ANY game nowadays. ESPECIALLY a full retail release game.
    That’s just bad business. It’s like the company said “it doesn’t matter if it actually works, the people who are going to buy this games are morons, they’ll still play it if it’s broken.”

    I hope the patch it, AND give all the people who bought it new some kind of refund. It’s just totally unacceptable.

  9. It’s one thing to have bugs in the game, it happens, but to not offer any genuine apology given the amount of money we fork out for these games is really disappointing on their part…I haven’t actually got myself a copy of the game yet and now with this I don’t really see why I should…

  10. Yes I got WWE12 on its release date and everything was fine till you go up into the road to wrestlemania mode its all good till you enter Hero`s story then half way into the story u are suppose to fight in the emilmation chamber and the game does load up u are trap in limbo so what could of happen

  11. “Bugs are to be expected.” While that may be true, they should have tested it better and should have never shipped a game with so many glitches.

    Companies are getting lazy when it comes to glitches, choosing to just release patches and updates to the games later. They shouldn’t ship them with such terrible game breaking glitches. If I paid for a game and wanted to actually PLAY it, I’d be pissed if it was broken and the company was just like “oh just be cool about it, it’s no big deal.”

  12. Why wouldn’t you? This isn’t TNA Impact or Lucha. WWE 12 is apart of a 12 year old franchise. Did those titles like HCTP, SVR2006 or really any of the other games have huge glitches where superstars got frozen into chairs and other weapons (OR EVEN THE RING ITSELF!)? No.

    If Infinity Ward or EA released a Madden or CoD game with so many bugs, their fans would throw a fit. WWE 12 didn’t need to be rebuilt at all. I’m personally sick of Yukes and THQ taking out more and more each year, then changing up a button layout and calling it bigger and badder than the previous version. Don’t even get me started on the day 1 DLC. That should have been in the game to start with (HBK, Mick Foley and Trish are all DLC? C’mon!).

    The bottom line is they had a working, fluid formula in 2006. Since then we have literally seen the series as a whole fall apart at the seams and become sloppier every year. Everything about this game screams rush job. The “new predator and breaking point” mechanics are off and don’t feel natural. Breaking up moves is nothing new to a wrestling game as Wrestlemania for the N64 had it as well, and being 11 years of age still does it’s job better than WWE 12 as there is no proper collision detection during those sequences.

    Fans like you are too forgiving. I’ve spent full retail for these games every year thus far and if you can’t do it right when you have nailed it in the past, you need to hang up your badge and give the series to someone that gives a damn. WWE 12 isn’t just a cash-in, it’s the definition of greed in this industry.

  13. You are lucky that is all you have experienced. There are some who can not play the game at all.

  14. :: claps ::

    Well said.

  15. Oh, but it’s ok when Bethesda releases games with a 5-10 FPS per second glitch right? Twice in a row mind you.

  16. The difference is that Bethesda actually patches their games.  THQ does NOT.

  17. B.S. The issue was never fixed in Fallout of Fallout: New Vegas. They launch games with massive technical issues. The company is just garbage. Not saying that THQ is any better but people shouldn’t be slamming them if they’re letting Skyrim get away with it. I own Skyrim btw.

  18. theres so many fucking bugs

  19. Companies are rushing games out nowadays. Battlefield 3 is glitchy in multplayer, Halo CE is horrible in online co-op, MW3 still has problems. We as consumers deserve much better than this or they need to start charging less for their crappy programming.

  20. It bothers me that he asks us to make light of the situation. When you hype a game up that it’s better than anything theyve done before, it damn sure needs to be. B/c if not you end up with the backlash of those fans who pre-ordered or bought it first week. Ive seen so many complaints with Universe mode too, but the servers being down is a HUGE problem. Ledesma only retweets praise for the game from fans, and Id bet that those people dont have Live or PSN. Yes other games have issues, but not being able to play online in a brand new full retail price game is a massive disapointment.

  21. Your on point 100%

  22. I can’t get passed the intro in Elimination Chamber universe mode in the hero storyline. It just freezes has this happen to anybody else?

  23. bigger badder better AND GLITCHY AS

  24. lol love that comment !! 😛

  25. This game is too %*&*ing glitchy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fix this up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. What bothers me the most with WWE 12 is that when you do interference in Universe mode, the game always tries to freeze up, making it nearly unplayable. That really upsets me, and angers me. I wish this game gets fixed.

  27. Oh, and don’t forget about the damn interference freeze glitch universe mode at WWE 12!

  28. I cant get my match past john morrison cause everytime i try irish whip it always presses x on me even when i run or even do nothing what the hell

  29. I cant get my match past john morrison cause everytime i try irish whip it always presses x on me even when i run or even do nothing what the hell

  30. Mine moonwalks you to the other side of the arena while doing a move

  31. Ahh the glitches u gotta love em ~MA

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