Skyrim – Which Perspective Do You Play?

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Talking in the third person is a sign of the crazy’s, but playing Third person is a joy, especially in the vast expansive world of Skyrim. In previous iterations of The Elder Scrolls Series first person was the better option for combat, which didn’t sit well with some gamers and I was one of them. If Skyrim didn’t have it’s improved Third Person camera/animations I probably wouldn’t be playing it, Bethesda probably knew this and was smart to refine it for console gamers, especially since this generation has seen many franchises benefit from the Third Person Shooter/Action Adventure genre.

I’d even argue that overall the game and it’s UI are better designed for the console this time around, and the PC version can get mods if they’re unhappy, so everyone wins really. So which perspective do you play? How do you see the world of Skyrim? I’d say 90% of the time is third person for me, 10% first person for looking at things to pick up more closely. There’s probably many gamers who are around the other way, who’ve been playing the The Elder Scrolls since forever, that’s why I’m interested to know.

So, Let us know!

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  1. Lol not another skyrim article lol

  2. third

  3. I’m probably the other way around, 90% first person (much more immersive for me) and sometimes I just switch to see more of the beautiful world around me.

  4. I find playing in 3rd person is easier most of the time, but when I’m fighting I generally switch to first person. (not always though).

    I just like to have the option to switch perspectives.

    I’m just loving this game overall. I haven’t even gotten very far in it, I’ve been running around hunting and exploring. Best hunting game ever. X]

  5. They’re everywhere on the internet, tis crazay

  6. It’s like this game is popular or something. So weird. I’ve never even heard of Skyrim. 😉

  7. I can see why the combat is better for first person, but I just can’t do it, it makes me feel disorientated. It definitely is the best hunting game, plus you can just run around for ages and mess around.

    I always go to do one quest and end up doing something else, it’s so easy to get lost!

  8. I like the first person view for being so immersive. It just makes me neauseated when I’m walking around exploring if I stay in 1st person. (which is why I’m glad you can switch)

    1st person is the way to go if you want to really feel like you are walking around and exploring such a large world.

  9. That’s exactaly what I keep doing. I just take my time and wander around.

    I tried fighting in 3rd person and sometimes I will, but I have a harder time actually hitting the enemy if I’m in 3r person. I think it’s just I’m having trouble seeing the crosshairs.

    I think I’d almost prefer to stay in 1st person all the time if it didn’t make me sick. Then again I can’t say that for sure because I do like to see my character, she’s just really awesome. 😉

  10. I spend most of my time in first person because I usually have issues fighting in 3rd person. I do love however whenever the game shifts to third person to show off a finishing move.

    Plus, 3rd person is awesome when you stand on a dragon skeleton on the top of a snowy mountain.

  11. Switch it up every now and then, moving around over long distances – third person and for combat – first person.

  12. I really think that skyreme will get game of the year this year. TBH i reckon first person is the best.

  13. If it dosen’t get game of the year then we know there is something horribly wrong with the whole system.
    This is the first game in a long time that EVERYONE seems to be playing. And I mean everyone. My friends who play almost nothing but FPS games put down Gears of War and are playing Skyrim.

  14. Keep in mind Cellophane, popularity does not always equate to perfection. However in the case of Skyrim, I think it’s definitely in with a great chance for Game of the Year.

  15. I play mostly in 3rd but switch into first depending on what I’m doing. Solving a puzzle by having to read inscriptions on the wall via firelight is obviously better in 1st, and occasionally it’s easier to fight in 1st but I generally prefer to play games in 3rd and since Skyrim doesn’t look broken in that perspective like previous games I’m over the moon and killing dragons like a mofo.

  16. Oh yes, I know that’s what’s popular may not be the best game. I just think this game is so massive and there is so much to do it has a really good chance.

    Though I am hearing really good things about Saints Row the Third. I haven’t played it yet though. But I’m not as sure about that since it seems to be good, but not the greatest.

    I guess we’ll just have to see. 🙂

  17. I have to change my statement on this. I was playing more in 3rd person, but I’ve found myself playing in first person more lately. I’m not sure why I switched, I guess it’s just easier to sneak around and see what I’m looking for in first person.

    The game works great in either perspective though.

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