Sega release tutorial trailer for CRUSH3D

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Anyone who enjoys a good brain tickler, and is looking for a new challenge will revel in Sega’s quirky new puzzle game CRUSH3D coming soon to Nintendo’s 3DS. If you were wondering what the title of the game refers to, it’s the concept of “crushing” the on-screen environment from three dimensions to two dimensions in order to solve certain puzzles and escape the area. Along the way, Danny must also collect as many marbles as he can in order to unlock the gates to the next level.

This looks like a really cool concept along the lines of what we saw in Paper Mario on the Wii, and as well as being graphically pleasing, also looks to be exceptionally challenging. While you cant see the 3D coming into play in the trailer and I’m sure it would greatly enhance gameplay, it looks fun enough to play without it turned. Information has been flying around about CRUSH3D for quite a while and it is scheduled to be released early 2012.

Enjoy the trailer and stay tuned for more Crush3D news.

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